The 12th Subcircuit


Cook County's 12 Subcircuit includes communities from the North Shore and the Northwest Suburbs. This diverse district is home to families of all income levels, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds. With 36 years of courtroom experience representing families across the county, Carmine is ready to serve the 12th Subcircuit from the bench.


Carmine has run an extensive legal practice for 36 years handling criminal matters from traffic violations to felonies and civil matters including personal injury cases, contract disputes, debt collections, landlord-tenant disputes, real estate issues, bankruptcy, wills, and trusts.


His clients are primarily middle class and lower-income working-class people from diverse backgrounds. Carmine has counseled and advocated for his clients and their families through the most difficult of situations and obtained favorable dispositions in about 85% of those cases.

Carmine has thousands of hours in courtrooms presenting motions, holding hearings and trying cases. He has had the opportunity to observe many judges over the years and has seen the issues they preside over and the demeanor they exhibit.


"As a judge, one must understand the issues before them and have the patience, wisdom, and composure to allow the parties to present their positions. In rendering a decision a judge must be firm but tempered with compassion, in order to find a fair and just resolution." - Carmine Trombetta


Carmine is committed to serving the public through a justice system that treats all members of the community with respect, dignity, and fairness



"Industrious, great communicator, passionate, honest, shows genuine concerns for others, thorough in his work, fair-minded, logical thinker, good listener and if asked a question responds with the appropriate answer, an upbeat positive attitude, always a joy to talk with and be with, his legal help and opinion has always been right on.


Do I think Carmine would make a good judge….I think he would make a great judge."


Retired Business Executive

V.P. Corporate Accounts  Sealy Mattress Company

"I am encouraged that an Attorney with such integrity, common sense and an excellent grasp of the law has an opportunity to join the judiciary in Cook County. I know that the people of Cook County will be well served by someone that truly understands equal protection under the law."




Director of Operations

Infinite Warrior, Inc.


Illinois Bar Association - Qualified


Women's Bar Association of Illinois - Recommended


Cook County Bar Association - Recommended

Decalogue Society - Recommended


Chicago Council of Lawyers - Qualified


Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago - Recommended


Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois - Recommended





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